Rock crystal

The name of this mineral is derived from the Greek word kristallos, which means "ice." It is believed that the term was used by the ancient Greek scholar Theophrastus. So cold name Gem got not by accident. The fact that the ancient peoples believed rock crystal hardened piece of ice. This understanding of the nature of crystal stuck so firmly that even in the medieval period there are sources describing rock crystal as "... pure crystal - is ice hardened over the years ...".

In Russia, up to the 19th century the words "rock crystal" and "crystal" were used as synonyms.

Alternative names of the gem are Arabic diamond or Bohemian diamond.

Rock crystal has an unusual feature - the gem can cause feeling coolness in the heat and warmth in cold weather. Pliny the Elder wrote in his Natural History: "... crystal is formed by a strong cold ..." This feature of the stone was used successfully by Roman patricians; in hot weather they cooled their hands by holding balls made of rock crystal.

Balls, vessels, seals, jewelry and even a "magnifying glass" (many of them are exhibited in the most famous museums of the world) were carved out of rock crystal.A samovar, a pepper-pot, a mug and other utensils were machined out of crystal for Peter I.
By nature rock crystal is a kind of Quartz and it is formed by crystallization of hot water solutions when the temperature drops.
Rock crystal is highly transparent and it glows after being polished. The extensive range of impurities in rock crystal gives it different shades of color: purple, gold, smoky, pink.

Disinfecting ability is one of the therapeutic properties of rock crystal. Since ancient times, these properties were taken into account in making bowls for emperors &rulers and in Greek mythology even cups for Gods. In Tibet rock crystal was applied to the wounds for the same purpose.
Today, scientists confirm the decontamination effect of the mineral. The fact is that ultraviolet rays passing through crystal kill bacteria.
Magical properties of crystal stone will save the owner from nightmares and endow with strong intuition. No wonder the rock crystal is a main stone used by fortune tellers and magicians.

Rock crystal improves mood and helps to cope with the heat. Transparent rock crystal can be worn by every single zodiac sign.