The name "turquoise" comes from the Persian word firuza - stone of happiness.

Turquoise stone always believed happiness. It can be a sky-blue and green with blue and gray shade.

The name "turquoise" comes from the Persian word “firuza”, which means “a stone of happiness”.

Turquoise is always believed to be a stone of happiness. Its colors range from sky-blue to green with blue and gray shade.

Mysterious and healing properties are attributed to turquoise more often than to any other stone. It’s believed that the one, who looked at a turquoise gemstone in the morning, would be completely unconcerned for the whole day. Having a good look at turquoise in the morning improves eyesight. If one wears turquoise earrings or a turquoise pendant, it will strengthen the heart , eliminate fear and save  from fatigue.

The person, who wears turquoise, will never have a lack of money. Wearing a turquoise also ensures longevity and prosperity.

The gemstone enhances intuition and ability, gives ambition, courage and insight and imparts happiness and peace to family. Blue turquoise is a stone of powerful energy. Light-blue turquoise is a symbol of spirituality and fight against evil.

In the process of birth, maturity and "dying" turquoise changes its color and energy. Lithos therapists advice people suffering from insomnia to wear a turquoise set in silver jewellery. Since ancient times, there is a perception that wearing turquoise as a pendant stops bleeding, heals gastric ulcers and liver diseases. The gold framed turquoise normalizes all the processes in the human body and increases immunity.

Turquoise is a stone of fighters, leaders, brave, determined and independent people. It is allegedly necessary to look at a turquoise for a few minutes every morning, for nothing bad to happen during the day.

Turquoise helps in love affairs. In the middle ages it was believed that if a woman secretly sews a piece of turquoise in a man’s clothes, she will find his love and faithfulness. A ring with forget-me-not flowers made of turquoise, received as a gift from a loved one imparts happiness to the owner in his personal and professional life.

Astrologers advise people born under the sign of Sagittarius to wear blue-whitish colored turquoise, while Scorpio and Taurus should wear green turquoise. White turquoise brings happiness to Aries, Virgo and Pisces. All other signs except Leo are recommended to wear blue turquoise. People born under the sign of Leo are not recommended to wear turquoise at all.

Wearing turquoise as a talisman is advised for having good health, love, luck and prosperity. Travelers just need to take the stone with them and it will save them from dangers and will make travel easy and enjoyable.

The beginning of turquoise worship goes very far in the history of ancient Egypt.