Chrysoprase – the most valuable variety of chalcedony – is a translucent mineral with subtle passage of green apple, grassy or leek shades. Its color is very gentle, non-intrusive, as if touched by the drops of morning dew, and at the same time, dense and "tasty":  it’s a pleasure to watch it without getting bored. And even its nature "vivid" - ​​for example, after lying for a long time under the scorching sun, chrysoprase may fade a bit, but easily recovers,  once held  in water or moist soil for a couple of days. It is known from ancient times.

Crystal healers recommend the stone for acceleration of metabolism and for activation of endocrine glands. Like many green minerals, chrysoprase relieves meteodependency during magnetic storms. It is effective for rheumatic pains. A ring with chrysoprase is advised to be worn to improve physical endurance, when hard work is in prospect.

If you hold chrysoprase in the water for 4-5 hours, the water gets medical effects, and can be used for healing medium non-infectious’ and cold related diseases. Chrysoprase is also useful for people with heart troubles – like all green stones, it serves the prevention of heart diseases.
Chrysoprase is a talisman for those who eschew routine, tend to adventures and discoveries, and want to find their individual way in life. It is suitable for inventors, researchers and travelers – for anyone who does not sit in one place, strives for constant renewals and loves changes.

Chrysoprase feeds its owner with energy, brings luck, gives strength, protects against envy, slander, evil eye and misfortune, and surrounds him/her with faithful friends. This stone has a very stubborn character – it "loves" honest and brave wearers only and can’t stand imperious, self-centered, suspicious and lazy people.

Chrysoprase suitsmerchants, bankers and traders. It increases wealth, develops eloquence, attracts money, guards from material damages and hazards on business trips, protects from dishonest business partners and unwanted transactions.

Chrysoprase is also useful for children – it shows its effect on child immediately, serving the babyas a guard from any negativity and bad
dreams, providing sympathy from peers, and making the child more hard-working and self-confident.

In terms of astrology, chrysoprase is recomended to Gemini, Cancers, Leos, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius.